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N.G. Gulyuk, N.D. Lukin, T.S. Puchkova, D.M. Pikhalo
All-Russian Research Institute of Starch Products, ul. Nekrasova, 11, pos. Kraskovo, Moskovskaya obl., 140051, Russian Federation

Abstract. In recent years essential changes came around in food supply of the population of many countries. It especially concerned improvement, medical, dietary and diabetic nutrition. Much attention is paid to ballast substances, nutritional supplements and natural substitutes of high-energy products. Among them, inulin takes a special place, the raw materials for the extraction of which in the world are mainly chicory, as well as Jerusalem artichoke. There is no industrial production of clear inulin and its derivatives in Russia. Whole tubers of Jerusalem artichoke and roots of chicory are generally processed for dry powder, dried or tinned tubers. The choice of the technology for inulin production depends on the required purity of the end product and economic preconditions. During processing, the inulin-containing raw material is exposed to media with different pH at increased temperature. Along with inulin, there are di- and monosaccharides, nitrogenous substances, a complex of internal enzymes, micro- and macronutrients, etc. in chicory and Jerusalem artichoke. Therefore physical and chemical properties of inulin-containing raw materials are important in the development of a universal technology of inulin extraction. As a result of investigation in the All-Russian Research Institute of Starch Products the requirements to the quality of Jerusalem artichoke and chicory to be processed for an inulin were developed and it was proposed the technology for production of inulin concentrate according to the scheme: pretreatment of raw material for processing (purification, washing and blanching); crushing into shavings; continuous counterflow diffusion; acid coagulation of impurities; mechanical filtration; purification with activated carbon; ion-exchange purification; boiling and drying. The nanofiltration or chromatography is used to receive inulin powder with high purity. The developed technology will allow to make a basis for import substitution at the production of domestic high-performance products for rational improving, dietary and diabetic diet.

Keywords: Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, crushing ratio, diffusion, coloration, inulin concentrate, inulin powder, oligofructose, fructose syrup.

Author Details: N.G. Gulyuk, D. Sc. (Tech.), chief research fellow (e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.); N.D. Lukin, D. Sc. (Tech.), deputy director; T.S. Puchkova, Cand. Sc. (Tech.), head of laboratory; D.M. Pikhalo, senior research fellow.

For citation: Gulyuk N.G., Lukin N.D., Puchkova T.S., Pikhalo D.M. Processing of Inulin-conteining Raw Materials for Inulin and Its Derivatives. Dostizheniya nauki i tekhniki APK. 2017. Vol. 31. No. 8. Pp. 76-79 (in Russ.).